The Best Knots

Knots For Tree Climbers:-

Attachment Knots



Figure Eight On A Bright

figure of 8

Buntline Hitch

bluntline hitch

Anchor Hitch

anchor hitch

Double Fisherman’s Loop

double fishermans loop

Clove Hitch

Clove Hitch Knot

Running Bowline

running bow line

Cow Hitch

cow line hitch

Girth Hitch

girth hitch knot

Basket Hitch

basket hitch knot

Timber Hitch

timber hitch

Sheet Bend

sheet bend knot

Quick Hitch

quick hitch

Friction Hitchs (Climbing Knots)

Tuatline Hitch

tout line hitch

Munter Hitch

munter hitch

Blakes’s Hitch

blakes hitch knot

French Pursik

french pursik

Prusik Knot

pursik knot


klemhest knot

Mid-Line Knots

Butterfly Knot

butterfly knot

Bowline On A Bight

Bends (End-To-End Tie-Offs)

Double Fisherman’s Knot

double fishermans loop

Sliding Double Fisherman’s Knot

sliding double fishermans

Water Knot

water knot

Beer Knot

beer knot

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