Arborist/Team Leader Jobs

About the Company a well-established business, that provides tree services throughout the west midlands with the right experience & knowledge to complete each contract on time and to the highest of standards. Has been an approved contractor for many years. We have the experience to give you the right serviceRead More

Crown Reduction Wolverhampton

GVD Tree Surgery Wolverhampton Provides Crown Reduction Services All Over The United Kingdom. Crown reduction is when a professional surgeon removes the top canopy of a tree to keep shape and size controlled. More information will be added but in the mean time if you have any questions on crownRead More

How To Cut Back A Tree

Trees can flourish without care in the wild, but one destined to live long and beautify your yard should have special attention and care. With the right growth conditions – which can only be insured by you- your tree can become the beautiful tree you hope it will be. ToRead More

The Best Knots

Knots For Tree Climbers:- Attachment Knots Bowline Figure Eight On A Bright Buntline Hitch Anchor Hitch Double Fisherman’s Loop Clove Hitch Running Bowline Cow Hitch Girth Hitch Basket Hitch Timber Hitch Sheet Bend Quick Hitch Friction Hitchs (Climbing Knots) Tuatline Hitch Munter Hitch Blakes’s Hitch French Pursik Prusik Knot KlemheistRead More